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    1. School of Marxism
      September 18 ,2018

      The School of Marxism owns the Master's Degree program of the first-batch for Marxist Theory, which is the key discipline in Beijing and teaching demonstration point of ideological and political theory. The School sets up the teaching and research office for theory, generality, foundation, schema, Situation and Policy, postgraduate education, etc. and ideological and political practice center; establishes the Marxism Research Center, Institute of Ideology and Culture and Social Development, Institute of Marxist Humanism, Institute of Citizen and Moral Education, Institute of Modern and Contemporary Social Ideological Trend, Institute of Characteristic Theory and Cultural Innovation, etc.

      Please see the following link to visit this School in Chinese:

      No. 5 Jinyuanzhuang Road, Shijingshan District Beijing, P.R. China 100144|86-10-88802114|? 2017 NCUT All Rights Reserved


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