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    1. School of Electronic and Information Engineering
      September 18 ,2018

          The School of Electronic and Information Engineering consists of three departments and one experimental center, namely the Department of Electric and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Communication Engineering, the Department of Microelectronics, Experiment Center, and three Bachelor's Degree programs, namely the Electronic and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering and Microelectronics Science and Engineering. It offers two Master's Degree programs of first-batch, namely the Electronics Science and Technology, the Information and Communication Engineering; two professional Master's Degree programs, namely the Electronics and Communication Engineering, Integrated Circuit Engineering. The School sets up one university-wide research center, namely Green Power and Energy Research Center, one university-wide research institute, namely NCUT Institute of Microelectronics, and one school-wide research institute, namely Institute of Communication and Microwave Research. It has one key laboratory of Beijing, namely Beijing Key Laboratory of Energy-saving Lighting Source Integration and Manufacturing, one first-class major of Beijing, namely the Electronic and Information Engineering.

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