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        1. Qualification for Application


        a. Applicants must be non-chines citizens and healthy.

        b. Applicants must be over 16 years old. Applicants under 18 must provide guardian guarantee and a notarial certificate issued by the notarial office.

        c. Applicants who would like to apply for the bachelor degree program should have a high school diploma and above.

        d. Applicants who would like to apply for bachelor degree program should have attained HSK4 certificate or above.


        2. Application materials required for bachelors degree and masters degree program


        a.NCUT over seas students application form with the applicants or warrantor's signature.

        b.Copy of the highest diploma or certificate of learning at university.

        c.Transcripts of learning at university

        d.HSK certificate copy

        e.Passport copy


        3. Application materials required for Chinese learning programs:


        a.NCUT Overseas student application form with the applicants or warrantors signature.

        b.Copy of the highest diploma or certificate of learning at university

        c.Passport copy



        Bachelor Degree Programs (4years) 本科學位項目



        Bachelor Degree Programs

        School of Computer Science

        Computer Science and Technology,   Digital

        School of Electronic Information Engineering  

        Electronic information Engineering,   Microelectronics   Science   and Engineering  

        School of Electrical and Control Engineering  

        Electric Engineering and Automation,   Automation   , New Energy Science and Engineering, Traffic Equipment and Control Engineering

        School of Mechanical and   Materials Engineering

        Mechanic Design Manufacture and Automation,   Material Forming   and Control Engineering,   Material Science and Engineering, Industrial Design.

        School of Architecture & Art

        Urban-rural planning, Architecture,   Landscape Architecture   , Visual   Communication   Design   , Environmental Design

        School of Civil Engineering  

        Civil engineering, Building   Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Urban Underground Space Engineering,   Project   Management.

        School of Economics and Management

        Business Administration,   International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Economics and Finance

        School of Humanities and Law

        Law, Chinese Language and   Literature, Japanese, English, Advertising

        School of Sciences

        Statistics , Information and   Computing Science


        English-taught Courses


        -Landscape architecture

        -International Economics and Trade

        -Electronic Information Engineering


        Courses recommended for Chinese Beginners

        -Chinese Language and Literature in Education and Culture

        -International Economy and Trade

        Address: International School, NCUT, No.5 Jin yuanzhuang Road, Shi JIngshan District, Beijing, P.R.China

        Post Code: 100144

        Contact: Ms.Xu;Mr.Wang

        Tel: 86-10 8880 1385; 86-10 8880 2192

        Fax: 86-10 88803581

        Email: admission@ncut.edu.cn

        Website: www.ncut.edu.cn


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