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        North China University of Technology (NCUT) is conveniently located in the western part of Beijing’s urban area, with a garden-like campus covering an area of 320,500 square meters. NCUT is a public-funded and multi-disciplinary university offering programs in science, engineering, arts, economics, management, and law.

        NCUT has developed a comprehensive multi-level system of higher education built on undergraduate programs, graduate programs, doctoral programs and continuing studies. It has 12 schools, which offer 34 undergraduate programs, 50 Master degree programs and 15 professional Master degree programs (including 11 programs in Engineering fields, 1 Juris Master program, 1 MBA program, 1 Accounting Master program and 1 Architecture Master program). It offers 3 national level featured courses, 2 national level selected courses, 14 national level excellent textbooks, a base of college student culture and quality education center, and 1 PhD program. In addition, NCUT houses 21 Beijing excellent teaching teams, 7 key Municipal labs and 7 key subjects of Beijing Municipal. The university plays a leading role in the field of bus technology, research and development of intelligent control and device, research and development of intelligent traffic system, computer-aided designing and manufacturing, application of fuzzy control in metallurgical industry, multimedia hiding and disguising, high-frequency power source and so on.

        There are over 17,000 students currently attending NCUT, including 26,00 graduate students and 11,000 undergraduate students. In addition, there are nearly 3100 part-time students studying in the College of Continuing Education. NCUT is not only qualified to recruit students from abroad but also students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Almost 744 foreign students from 54 different countries around the world including South Korea, Japan, U.S.A. Mongolia, Germany and France are attending. NCUT now has over 1000 staff members and 48% of the teachers are associate professors and professors. NCUT places great importance on the cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries and we have built partner relationships with more than 50 universities and colleges from 26 countries, such as U.S.A., Japan, Germany, U.K., France, Australia, New Zealand and so on.


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